Yoga on the beachThe yoga that is practiced by over 20 million Americans comes from an Indian tradition that is 5,000 years old. These gymnastic-like exercises help you become trim, fit, and reduce your stress level. Yoga also offers a whole range of meditation and breathing techniques that are highly beneficial to the brain and nervous system. Yoga is an efficient system of preventative and restorative healthcare. No matter your age, weight, flexibility or beliefs, yoga offers something for everyone. Yoga looks at health from a broad, holistic perspective that appreciates the relationship of the mind and body.

Personal Yoga Sessions

Yoga was originally taught in a one-on-one format. Experience the next evolution of Yoga mentorship. Personal Yoga is a holistic method of customized fitness training. Tap into your inherent potential through this safe, supportive and systematic approach. Enjoy focused, structured sessions that are tailored to your needs and goals. All new students undergo an initial mind-body assessment.