Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and fitness, from an Oriental medicine perspective, is based on longevity and good health. That includes, not just improving the muscles, tendons and bones, but also the internal organs and the mind. Flexibility, suppleness and power are the cornerstones of this system of holistic exercise. Balance, breath and intent are equally as important. The foundation of our holistic fitness and exercise are rooted in these traditions from the East:

Qi Gong:

Literally means energy cultivation. Qi Gong is a diverse practice, with many different systems and lineages. The primary purpose is to promote and engender a person’s life force and energy to improve health.

Tai Chi:

Properly spelled, Tai Ji or Tai Ji Quan, is ancient system of pugilism. In modern times, it is commonly practiced as a body/mind exercise by tens of millions of people around the world. It is designed to integrate the health of the internal organs, the external bones, muscles and tendons and the mind into one cohesive practice. In itself, it is a complete system of fitness.

Kung Fu:

More properly spelled and pronounced Gong Fu, is a holistic system of martial arts that originates from China. More than just a system of martial arts, it is a system of training that brings the entire aspect of the body, mind and spirit to full optimization. The Chinese characters carry the implication of mastery through repetition and dedication. A person can have cooking gong fu or swimming gong fu, like a master chef or an Olympic swimmer. One does not need to learn fighting to gain the benefits of gong fu.

From these holistic systems of exercise, we can find the most advanced systems of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular development in human history. The benefits of these paradigms of fitness to a person’s vitality, health, longevity, focus, power and physique are unparalleled

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