About Liberty Health & Wellness

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Liberty Health and Wellness is rooted in the idea of giving people the tools they need to take control over their health and their own life. Instinctively, we all understand that health is one of the primary factors that contributes to a good quality of life. It is our mission to deliver that quality through therapy and training. Nowadays, it is more important than ever for people to strive towards self-empowerment, self-reliance and self discipline instead of dependency. We all know the proverb, that is as old as time immortal, and has it’s origins in the West and the East as a universal truth: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This idea is the core of the Liberty health and Wellness belief system. We want humanity to be in control of their own life. We want people to cultivate their own personal power, so they can depend on themselves. We are here to help with that process; to coach and train people towards a state of personal liberty.

We Specialize in Home Care and Home Services

Home care services, sometimes known as out-calls, are very difficult to find in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. At Liberty Health and Wellness, we want to make that option available to you. The obvious benefits of home and out-call services are convenience and comfort. The home, for many people, is their most salubrious environment. People often feel recharged, nourished and refreshed by their personal space. Delivering treatment in one’s own habitat is a great way to augment our available services. Travelers on holiday also benefit from these services; as most clinics are closed outside standard, medical office business hours.

Clinical Services Also Available

If you prefer clinical care, we have have that available as well. Designed to meet the needs of individuals who would rather venture out for treatment, clinical sessions can be done by appointment.

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